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GO BattleRoyale LIVE Vancouver




Who we are

A live gaming laser tag company

 GO BattleRoyale LIVE is the original outdoor laser tag company located in Surrey BC, Canada and we have created a live game inspired  by popular video games. Our games are ridiculously exciting to play in real life. 

For combat sports like Airsoft, paintball, and even laser tag, it was just a matter of time before someone leveraged off the video games' industries massive multi-billion dollar per year revenues.

GO BattleRoyale LIVE Vancouver has put together the latest technology inspired by Fortnite, Call of Duty, Counter Strike, PUBG, and others so players can experience the game in real life outdoors.

Players can play up to 100 player solo, 14 player duo, or 28 player squad modes and all ages are invited to join in on the action. We included features like random loot, health points, armour system, ammo system, and even toggle between item slot for gun and consumables in real life.

We host kid's birthday parties or events for groups including parents and corporate groups. Our games are fun with a high-tech spin to it. We are gamers that recreate games.

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We Bring the Gaming to You


We are a mobile party service and rental business. So get your children off their gaming chair or your living room couch. Turn off their desktop computers, laptops, or gaming consoles. We bring live gaming entertainment to you. Name a place and time and we'll supply our State-of-the-Art live gaming arsenal to you. This is not like Airsoft or Paintball, no superior mods, no huge skill gap. No one gets pummeled with BBs or paintballs. No eye protection needed. No damage to infrastructure. No set up time needed. No clean-up. No fancy equipment set-ups or wifi or bluetooth problems. Our professional gaming equipment are programmed to speak to each other without need of wifi connection so this game can truly be played anywhere. Some ideas include the farm, woods, and other remote locations.

About Us


We are gamers ourselves. We own computers and consoles to play online video games like Fortnite, Call of Duty, and PUBG. Sometimes we get too carried away in our "research" after hours and hours of gameplay we need a break and I am sure you or someone you know are in the same boat, playing too much video games. The battle royale genre is fascinating in that because it just blew up on the internet in a short period of time. This allowed us to get creative and look for ways to keep the trend current and fun. Most of us at BattleRoyale LIVE Vancouver currently work full-time jobs so for now only bookings on weekends and/or evenings are available. Imagine running around in a shrinking battle zone in Stanley park, Bear Creek Park, Panther or Ambush Paintball fields, or Trout Lake with your friends and family paired in Duos or Squads in an all out battle?

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