We play in all weather, light rain and light snow. Fall / Winter Season in effect

PopulaR Game Modes

GO BattleRoyale LIVE


Winner takes all survival game simulation based on Fortnite, PUBG, Apex Legends, and Black Ops 4. Played in a series of short quick rounds. A storm battle royale box is placed in center of battlefield. As time goes by the size oif the map is automatically shrunk via digital radio signals. This forces gamers into closer combat. Played SOLO up to 100 players or DUO or in SQUADs up to 7 teams. Gun will sound a **kaching** SFX to let you know you're safe. A alarm SFX **BuZZ** will sound when you're not safe and will take damage.

GO Domination LIVE

1-3 capture points. Win by holding positions to collect points every second. Unlimited respawns

Inspired by the Call of Duty Domination game mode. A game box(s) will be placed in center of battlefield to act as an objective. Your team will have to shoot the box to gain control. Team with the most time in control wins automatically at end of the game time. Game box will announce every 5 seconds which team is on control. Box will flash your team's colours when in control.



Each team has a vault that generates digital money every few seconds. Capture the vault to steal the money and bring to base. If you get deactivated, enemy gets half of your money. Set time game. Most money wins.

GO Team Deathmatch LIVE


2 teams go head to head. Either most deactivations for a set time wins or run out of total team respawns.

GO Capture The Flag LIVE


Electronic capture the flag. Shoot opponent's flag box to capture a digital flag carried in your gaming gun. If you get deactivated the flag disappears. Return to your base alive to gain 1 point for a successful flag capture. Most flag captures win.

GO Capture and Hold LIVE


Attackers vs defenders. First 2/3 of game unlimited respawns. Both teams fighting to get position. Last 1/3 of game defenders get 50% respawn. If defenders performed well in first 2/3 of game, attackers only get 50% respawn. If not they get 100% respawn.

GO Future Gaming Modes


Featuring your favourite classic CS game modes most of us grew up playing. Demolition anyone? Nostalgic. AKs and M4s all day. Go go go!

Call of Duty

Our huge fan favourite for first person shooters. Imagine real looking style AR action with modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, and what? Zombies? (Think about Black Ops 4 and their version of Battle Royale?)

Game Scene Reenactments

Remember Left4Dead, Single player Call of Duty, and a myriad of other games? What if there was an attraction made to recreate those favourite in game battle scenes? Complete with actors, props, shooting, dying, restart scene until you complete mission. Dreaming.


Its getting tougher and tougher to imagine creating all these things. But where there is a will there is way. "Hero shooter" theme hrmm? 30 different classes, 6v6, control points, payload transport? Psh easy!


Take the most popular game modes and themes and take it into the real world. Real hit with younger audience.  

Combo. Escape Room. Zombies. Shooter.

Enough said. It's getting hard to breathe in here! Its hard enough to do your additions and subtractions under pressure. But with zombies? I'm done.



25 player all out NERF war! - Coming Soon