Fortnite's battle royale overview


Classic online Battle Royale style game places 100 players on a remote island for an all out last man standing survival battle. Solo - 100 player free for all. Duo - pair up and go head to head with 49 other teams. Squad - teams of 4 similar to duo. Added to the crazy all out survivor style combat gameplay is the storm circle. It decides where the safe zones are and if you're not careful you will lose.

Hey GO BattleRoyale LIVE Vancouver!

How do you shrink an island so that players are forced to fight it out in close quarters? And how do you create a crazy situation where players need to scavenge for guns, ammo, and other equipment? Then add to the whole mess, a way to reenact the survival element and keep track of all this? This must require loads and loads of equipment, setup time, and WIFI/Bluetooth connection.

Prepared to be blown away

Our GO BattleBox transmits radio waves from a central location to create a safe battle zone. Each passing minute, the zone will shrink. Our GO BattleGun is equipped with radio receiver that tells you when you're outside the safe zone. It will warn you before taking damage so run before it knocks you out. The GO BattleGun has a LCD screen that displays your current Health, Ammo, and current equipment slots which you can cycle through. To do damage,  the GO BattleGun shoots infrared lasers that you will have to actually have to aim to hit the targets on the opposing player. The laser is like a TV remote except we've made it very "fine". So fine that you need to use our integrated Red Dot Scope that requires to be zeroed to aim properly. And what targets? There's 1 on the GO BattleGun itself to simulate body shots and 2 on your head to simulate front/back head shots. Then several GO BattleBoxes will be placed in battle zone with each programmed to do a specific task. So clever! Each will function to random generate different guns, perks, upgrades, shields, or consumables when you are in range with your GO BattleGun and perform a button press on the GO BattleBox.

Added to further recreate online video games in real life, our GO BattleGuns will have speakers, muzzle flash, complete gun emulation including popular real guns, their fire rate, their ammo clips, and their sound when firing, real time feedback when you are hit or you hit another player are installed. 

I think we're set to play live action Battle Royale Vancouver! This way no one gets pummeled with BBs or Paintballs, no foggy masks, no more cheating. You can play almost anywhere. There are no clean ups. Get the adrenaline rush when you are hit. Share this! Subscribe or BOOK now. Get your favourite Duo buddy. Get your squad on lock. Battle Royale LIVE Vancouver.

P.S. About the building mechanics in the real online game... Trust us, we have been trying but the building mechanic is other worldly and cannot be recreated properly.

We keep you, the players in mind

No complicated set ups needed. We literally have everything programmed to just turn on and start playing. Our smart system enables our equipment to all "speak" to each other without need for bluetooth or WIFI or smartphone app download. THIS IS HUGE! We have seen many companies try this live battle genre and require so much set up and external connections that rely on WIFI that it takes away from the fun and exciting nature of this outdoor live game. Everyone gets more playtime!

1 GO MasterController that's it!

The whole game lives and dies by the GO MasterController holder. Used by referees. Start/end/switch games instantly. Don't worry, if the gun goes offline, that is fine, gameplay still goes on and the referee can reprogram quickly with a push of a button with any game gun and make that game gun the MasterController. Can issue commands and many other functions that would require 2-3 referees but only requires 1 staff member to run moderately large games.



GO BattleBox

Core versatile gaming accessory. This piece of wonderful tech is in a metal box. The GO BattleBox  can be set to pre-programmed functions used in our live games. This is the centerpiece of our live game and it supports a broad range of missions and gaming options. Each box can only be set to 1 function at a time. So multiple boxes will be present on the battle zone. Possible capabilities: 1 GO MedicBox to revive players. 1 GO LootBox to random generate loot or perk. 1 GO StormBox to create shrinking battle zones.


GO BattleRoyale Mode

This mode of GO BattleBox sets an invisible playing field up to 80 meters or 300 ft around the GO BattleBox. Battle zone starts large then as the game progresses, the battle zone shrinks every minute by emitting a radio wave which the GO BattleGun will pick up. While a player is in the safe zone, GO BattleGun will "beep" every 15 seconds. If a player is outside the battle zone, they will receive 2 pre-recorded warning messages via speaker on the GO BattleGun. You have 15 seconds to get into safe zone or you'will start taking damage. No more camping, it's time to get down and dirty, close quarters combat. 


Last Survivor Wins!


  • SOLO Free-for-all up to 100 players
  • Head to head up to 50 vs 50
  • DUO up to 7 teams (14 players)
  • SQUAD up to 7 teams (28 players)

GO Battlegun


GO BattleScorpion

On-board computer. No WIFI needed. 16 hours of battery life. LCD screen to display remaining health, shield, and ammo. Built in speaker. Tough. Metal. Water resistant.  Real trigger mechanism. Integrated Red Dot scope to calibrate to GO BattleGun's infrared laser. Muzzle flash. Programmable max range for laser. 30 cm long. 4.5 lbs. Light weight. For all ages. Can emulate other popular guns' fire rate, damage, sound, and ammo clip size. Full-auto or semi-auto. Recoil. Reload time. Weapon slots. Switch to primary, secondary, and consumables on the fly. Configurable difficulty setting Easy, Medium, and Hard based on age group (max health, limit gun emulation, laser range).


Standard Mode

The BattleScorpion is by nature a BattleSMG style emulation on standard mode. Mag size is 25 shots. Can carry 15 mags max. Recoil 1 second hit before you can accurately fire again. Short ranged laser so players can't use it like a BattleSniper class. Switch to full or semi auto depending on preference. Load time refers to reload time, you can be hit while in reload state. The fire rate quick at 330 round per minute. So watch out if you're on full-auto.


Live Stats LCD

HP for Health or Hit Points
R for Reload - shows remaining magazines or ammo clips.
A for Accuracy
S respawns used
Ready shows that game is live
SA semi auto / FA full auto
A for Ammo - shows remaining rounds before you need to reload.
H for Hits
K for Kills
Indr Custom max range indoor

7.64V shows battery - charge if under 6.0V

GO mastercontroller


Go MasterController

The everything-in-one Referee machine. Turns on/off all GO BattleGuns instantly. Point and shoot to set teams easily, respawn area. Game timer. Can be set as GO BattleBox, BattleGun, and anything else. Radio commands to BattleGuns on the fly.


Actually Play

Allows customers to focus on playing and having fun. No waiting for referee set up, troubleshooting, or other game delays. All in one set up maximize play time.


All events come with a Referee (Party Host)

 Keeping best competitive prices for live gaming experience with a trained professional BattleRoyale LIVE entertainment expert.